Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mah friends!!

f**k you sa mga taong plastik!!
pacute pah jud!!

dj mix!!
smile!! im with mah friends house!! bahay 2 nila kat!!
hehehe D lang kc makita bahay nila eh!!

hehehe sa pink & blue!! together with niccole and her room mate c val!!

picture poh



f**k u!

last night

hahai... rd natapos nah!! yahoo.... atlast! kapagod kc magbasa ng mga procedure eh!!
we have an orientation kanina... and now ive realize nah i have to strive harder pala so that i can get a wpa of 80 huhuhuhu i know i can do this!! ako pah?? anyway this friday nah pala where i will be a timer and "ahhh" counter in our speech subject!! wow! ang laki ng part ko don noh?? ahahaha thats why nga im proud to my self eh!! huhuhu i have some new pix pala just check on it!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

proud to be a nurse

People don't seem to see the avenue of care that is being given by nurses. They always say, "The doctor was so good, he cured and treated the patient", But as we all know through the attributes given. Behind a good doctor, Stands a GREAT NURSE, THE REAL EPITOME OF CARE... --Aonymous

mah look-ah-like celeb!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my canibad friends

hello my friends in canibad!!! just want to post out our outing last april 13.. hehehe We all know that it was Friday the 13th right?? not unless others are disoriented with regards our date!!! or maybe there calendar still in 2006!! hahaha,, anyway.. as we go to samal island which others don't know that this is the nicest place here in davao.. It is the hottest spot to unwind yourself, go swimming!! Nyahahaha... As we go through our journey to samal we've encountered large waves as we across the davao golf sea.. nice dbah??? hehehe inggit sila.. bleehh.... we stayed at fernandez garden and resort!! hahaha and gues what? It so very nice to be there!!! You almost forgot when you see a nice white sand and a beautiful beach!!! whew!!! I want to go back there some other time... But it so sad because we forgot to bring a cam so i can post it in my blog for you guyz to see how beautiful samal is!!! Ill be back there!!!